Save for your retirement with an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) at Star Bank!

Star Bank offers a variety of IRAs.
Please consult your tax advisor for the IRA that fits your financial situation. We also accept IRA Transfers, Rollovers, and Direct Rollovers from your 401k.
SEP (Simplified Employee Pension)

Top ten reasons to start an IRA

1. Money saving strategy
2. Tax deductions
3. Tax deferral
4. Less temptation to "rob the piggy bank" with early withdrawal fees
5. Investment flexibility
6.  Investment control
7. Roll your money over without tax consequences
8. Gain protection
9. It's simple to open
10. It's fun to watch your money grow

Frequently Asked Questions
 Q: Roth IRA vs Traditional IRA?
A: You contribute after-tax dollars to a Roth IRA, so your money grows tax-free. A Traditional IRA includes contributing pre-tax dollars so withdrawals are taxed.
Q: How do I know which account is right for me?
A: A Roth IRA is best for those who expect to be in a higher tax bracket when withdrawals are staring to be made. On the other hand, a Traditional IRA is the better option for those who expect to be in a lower tax bracket when withdrawals are staring to be made. However, we recommend speaking with your tax advisor to determine which IRA is the best fit for you.
Q: What is the contribution limit?
A: The contribution limit is annual and may change from year to year. Your contribution limit might also change based on your income and filing status. Click here to see the current limits from the IRS
Q: Can I contribute to an IRA if I only work part time?
A: Yes, you can! As long as you have earned income, you can invest as much as you earn up to the contribution limit.

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