Debit Cards

Total convenience … easy access to your money … surcharge-free ATMs!
With a Debit or ATM card from Star Bank, you have quick and easy access to your money at ATMs, retail point-of-sale and online purchases*. Use it like cash, anywhere Mastercard ® is accepted. AND…as a member of the Privilege Status Network, our customers can enjoy hundreds of surcharge-free ATMs across the country. 

Privilege Status – Surcharge Free Network
Online Shopping 
If you plan to shop online with your Star Bank debit card, we recommend that you register your card with the MasterCard® SecureCode program. Various online merchants like Delta Airlines, Verizon Wireless and others use MasterCard® SecureCode for their own security reasons. In order to use your debit card on sites like these, you must first register your debit card. Be sure to keep your registration information and passwords in a safe place, for ease of use and security. 
Proactive Fraud Detection 

Debit Card Fraud is on the rise. Star Bank can now send a text to customers when fraud is detected on Debit Cards! If you receive a text from us about fraud on your card, it will always say "Star Bank Fraud Dept" and the 800# will be 800-369-4887. This phone number is for our card provider, FIS. 

Please call your local branch office if you suspect fraudulent activity or if you want to ensure that your text message is real. 

Lost or Stolen Cards

If you believe your card has been lost, stolen or compromised in any way, please contact us immediately. It is your responsibility to notify us promptly. Call your Star Bank Office during our regular business hours or call DCI at (877) 226-2351. You may also send an email here. 

To activate a new card, or to change your PIN from the original PIN that was assigned to you via mail, you may call (888) 227-3096. You will be asked for personal information when you call. 
Add a Star Bank debit card to your wallet today!