Accounts Receivable Financing

If you can answer “Yes” to one of the questions below, then Accounts Receivable Financing at Star Bank using the solution called Business Manager® is likely a great tool for you:
  • Are you feeling a financial pinch?
  • Is your A/R management out of control?
  • Are you sick of hearing “the check is in the mail”?
  • Are you tired of waiting for your pay day? 
Business Manager may offer you the following benefits: 

  • No waiting for the mail man to deliver payments from your customers.
  • No more playing “Banker” for your customers.
  • No more telephone calls from your banker wondering when a principal payment will be made to your traditional line of credit.
  • Receive funds for your A/R within 24 hours of their generation. 
Inquire about Accounts Receivable Financing and the Business Manager solution today with your local Star Bank office.