Pay a one-time bill or set up recurring payments. 

Billpay is available through Online Banking and the Star Bank Mobile App!

Where do I find Billpay?
Mobile Banking Online Banking
  • Log into the app
  • Select Billpay from the menu 
  • From the "I want to" drop down menu select pay bills
  • You can select a payee you've already sent a payment to or click the plus button to add a new payee
  • Log into Online Banking
  • Hover over Bill Payments in the menu bar
  • Select Go to Billpay
  • You can select a payee that you've sent payments to before,
  • You can manually add a payee,
  • Or you can click add payee for a list of commonly used payees like Comcast, Verizon, American Express, etc.
Important Billpay Information
  • Depending on the merchant, the payment may be sent either electronically or as a physical check
  • Billpay typically takes three business days but can be expedited for a fee.
  • Please note payments may be delayed due to federal holidays, inclement weather, or emergency situations. 
  • Billpay can be set up for one-time or recurring payments.
If you have questions or need help, please contact your local branch or click here to send us a message.
For a step-by-step guide of Billpay click here!