Account Alerts

Life gets busy, we're here to help you with your finances!

Send alerts to your phone or email when activities happen in your account
Never forget to make a payment 
Keep tabs on your balances
What kind of alerts can I set up?
How do I set up an Alert?
  • Account Balance
  • CD Maturity Date
  • Loan Payment Due Date
  • Pending Transactions
  • Log into online banking
  • Under the "Accounts" dropdown menu select "Account Alerts"
  • Select "Create New Alert" from the Alert Options on the right.
  • You are ready to set up Account Alerts
Important Information about Account Alerts
  • Account Alerts may only be set up via online banking at this time
  • You can choose to send alerts to your mobile phone, an email address, or both
  • Do not include any confidential information in your Alert Name when setting up Alerts