Account Alerts

Stay on top of your finances with Account Alerts. Always be in the know.

Life gets busy, we're here to help you with your finances!

Send alerts to your phone or email when activities happen in your account
Never forget to make a payment 
Keep tabs on your balances
What kind of alerts can I set up?
How do I set up an Alert?
  • Account Balance
  • CD Maturity Date
  • Loan Payment Due Date
  • Pending Transactions
  • Log into online banking
  • Under the "Accounts" dropdown menu select "Account Alerts"
  • Select "Create New Alert" from the Alert Options on the right.
  • You are ready to set up Account Alerts
Important Information about Account Alerts
Account Alerts may only be set up via online banking at this time
You can choose to send alerts to your mobile phone, an email address, or both
Do not include any confidential information in your Alert Name when setting up Alerts